Prep Work For Amazon FBA

How It Works

Our team works with businesses to receive, inspect, label, prep & ship inventory that is purchased from retailers and sent to our facility. We following the highest quality standards for prep and send these packages safety off to be Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Because FBA has a specific checklist of requirements to work with them, Elite Prep Center handles these items for our clients and takes the frustration and headaches out of ensuring products are ready to ship.

Amazon Shoe and Apparel Prep Specialist

We also partner with many clients shipping shoes and apparel through Amazon FBA. These products have special requirements that we handle with care, and our location offers the added benefit of no sales tax on clothing and shoes. We are many business’s shoe and apparel prep specialist.

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Our Prep Work Includes:

  • Unboxing products
  • Validating items
  • Accepting inbound shipments
  • Labeling products to ship
  • Bubble wrapping, adding air pillows, poly bagging, and including other needed shipping protection
  • Adding do not separate stickers for multi-item shipments
  • Printing labels
  • Sending items to Amazon
By partnering with Elite Prep Center for Amazon FBA, your products also gain the competitive advantage of being in Amazon’s algorithm to get featured in Buy Boxes. 

Our fast and simple process.


Simply send your items to us, and you will be notified when we receive them. Your items are then inventoried and go into our inspected process upon arrival.


We know that time is money, so we do a thorough inspection of all items and inform you of any damages that may have occurred during shipping.


Now we wait for your orders to start coming in! As order get placed, our team handles all aspects of logistics from packaging items to shipping them out.


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